Staff Picks for Spring

Art PicksInspiration

We asked our team to share their favourite pieces on Partial at the moment, and this is what they chose. Plus, artworks that are no longer available!


Grace Notes‘ by April Payne. 24″ x 24″ acrylic painting
& pencil on canvas. $860 to own or $43 to try.

Grace Notes: It is the perfect title for this pensive, sentimental piece. Depending on my mood, I can see a figure within it, or a cityscape, an architectural detail, or simply fragmented shapes like summer light through a bedroom window – a soothing balm to the tension I’ve been feeling in the world around me lately.”
– Tammy Yiu Coyne, Co-founder & Co-Curator


Malayalam‘ by Julia Mathew. 12″ x 16″ acrylic, oil pastel,
ink, photo transfer on wheat-pasted grid paper.
$200 to own or $100 to try.

“School recess, doodling during science class, airmail from a faraway land my parents call home: these are some of the things that immediately come to mind when I see Julia Mathew’s Malayalam. I thought her work instantly captured the uneasiness of “fitting in” as immigrant children as life pushes them along the path.”
– Chris Kim, Co-founder & CTO


Profundum‘ by Raquel Da Silva. 42″ x has 60″ acrylic on canvas.
$2000 to own or $500 to try.

“I enjoy how Raquel Da Silva’s Profundum piece adds a playfulness to the act of drowning; a cartoonish take on overwhelm, that I could only imagine Looney Tunes sound effects pairing with.”
– Travis Hines, CPO


Brunch‘ by Liang Wang. 36″ x has 48″ oil on canvas.
$2000 to own.

“This piece takes me back to a time that seems so lost in the current world we live in now. I have a feeling of nostalgia and hope when I see this piece by Liang Wang. Nostalgia because the point-of-view captures a moment and way of life I’ve lived in, and hope because I know we’ll go back to eating brunch as usual!”
– Cat Khansryri, Artist Relations & Co-Curator


The Promoter‘ by Katherine Holland. 25″ x 37″ photography. $2600 to own.

“I love this piece. It’s so playful and fun, with a cool vintage vibe. You can’t help but smile every time you look at it and really who doesn’t want that from something you will look at every day!”
– Maggie Fairs, Head of Partnerships


Left to right: ‘Textile Mill’ by Cherie Harte, ‘Weather II’ by Amada Estabillo
Left to right: ‘Mystery Fruit’ by Lillian Sim, ‘A World Inside a World, Inside a World’ by Sarah Klawiter