#RemoteArtTalks Season 2

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Announcing… Season 2 of Art Talks! What began as a remote web series in the Spring is back with (socially-distanced) park chats with a fresh roster of artists ranging in mediums, personalities, and life stories to share. Ep. 1 of Art Talks launches this coming Wed., Nov. 4 with new interviews released each week on Artifier’s Instagram and YouTube, in partnership with Culture Fancier and Partial.

Tune in and connect with Toronto’s art community every Wednesday through to Dec. 9. Special thanks to hosts Glodeane Brown at Culture Fancier, Tammy Yiu Coyne of Partial, host/producer Carla Rojas at Artifier, and each of our participating artists. Stay tuned for the lineup! ⁠

** Note: These interviews were shot in the summer of 2020 and in adherence to social distancing guidelines of that period. We encourage everyone to continue practicing social distancing and following the updated recommendations made by local authorities. Stay safe out there!

Featured Artworks

Morris Wazney

‘Composition 2: Discontinued’, 2D Works, Wallpaper collage, 19.6″ x 19.6″
$25/month to try or $500 to own

Genevieve Blais

‘Departure’, Photography, photographic C-print, 50″ x 27″
$1400 to own

Jose Cifuentes

‘You are Light’, Oil painting, and markers on canvas, 30″ x 40″
$200/month to try or $4000 to own

Invest in art. Invest in yourself.