Fred VanVleet talks art with co-founder of Canadian art platform


Partial is making news again.

This week, Partial’s co-founder, Tammy Yiu Coyne, is the special guest on Bet On Yourself with Fred VanVleet and Derek Folk to share her inspiration and the journey to starting Partial to where it is heading now. “When Fred VanVleet asks to chat about your art startup on the BetOnYourself podcast, you run-don’t-walk in your purple jumpsuit to their recording studio,” says Yiu Coyne.

“We are amazed and humbled to have had the opportunity to sit down with Fred VanVleet and co-host Derek Folk to talk about Partial, the ups and downs of running a business in the art space, and how we got here and where we want to go. The wisdom they shared reminded our small team to keep building for a bigger future for Partial, and be bold enough to go for it.⁠”

Financial advisor Derek Folk, Toronto Raptor and philanthropist Fred VanVleet, and Partial’s co-founder Tammy Yiu Coyne in the recording studio in Toronto, Ontario.

“Bet on Yourself is back with another incredible innovator, as Fred and Derek are joined by Tammy Yiu Coyne; she’s the co-founder and CEO of Partial, an online art platform and marketplace for collectors to discover and elevate outstanding Canadian and BIPOC artists.

Going back to the start of her journey, Tammy shares that while working as a graphic designer, she always knew that she wanted to run her own business. When Tammy was unexpectedly laid off from her job, she saw an opportunity to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. Tammy started with the simple goal of bringing more original Canadian art onto more walls – directly from the artists that made it. The idea for Partial then took shape based on the premise that if quality work was made available on an easily accessible and discoverable platform, more people would acquire it and those diverse artists would be able to create sustainable careers.

Fred and Derek dig in and learn more about Partial, where every level of collector is covered with an extensive network of artists and art sommeliers to help find the perfect piece for a space.”

– Bet on Yourself, DEC 15, 2021
The artist’s story with Tammy Yiu Coyne

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Thank you to James Stewart, Fred VanVleet, Derek Folk and the good people at Acast for having us on the show.⁠