Meet the Artist: Grace Hotchkiss

Meet the Artist

Grace Hotchkiss

Grace is a multimedia artist and production designer, with a Bachelor’s of Environmental Design from OCAD University in 2021. She is interested in the intersection of wellness and design and holds certificates in Branding, Art Direction, and Healthcare Design. She draws inspiration from the abstractions found in nature and everyday life using simple patterns and textures.

When did you develop an interest in art?  
Ever since I can remember I have had an interest but I think during high school is when I really focused on it. I was encouraged to take the advanced placement art course and, although my work was mostly abstract and non-sensical, my teacher saw the vision and I’m grateful for that. During that time, I also took a perspective drawing course at a university near my house which was eye opening and gave me some good fundamentals.

Tell us about your process when creating an artwork. 
I like to plan out my approach beforehand for the basic shapes, but I think it’s important to leave room for free-handing. That’s what makes each piece unique and have character. 

How do your mediums of choice lend themselves to the subject matter of your work? 
Plaster is great because the texture can be adjusted easily with paints or water. It’s like a base and it’s fun to play around with different thicknesses and textures and all the possibilities within that.

How did your work develop throughout the years; especially after studying at OCAD University? 
I have always been into abstract and random compositions, although after studying, I have focused on simplicity and finding beauty in very minimal designs. Working with texture has allowed me to find a balance of keeping it simple yet bringing in complexity through depth and shadows.

Where do you find inspiration? 
My patterns can be inspired by the most mundane things- like the cell structure of a leaf, a sunrise, the grooves on a vinyl record or woven textiles. That’s what I love about creating abstract pieces, they can all be interpreted so differently. 

What do you listen to when you work?
Mostly silence because once I start working I usually forget about everything else.

If given the opportunity, what is your dream project?
Set design or experiential retail projects for brands that also value simple and thoughtful designs would be cool, like Loewe or The Row. I’d love to make an immersive piece that takes up a whole wall or space.

What’s one item in your workspace you cannot live without? 
My dog always sits at the door and she’s the best for quality control. My lamp is also good because it helps me see the pieces in different angles and lighting. It’s cool how different a piece can look depending on the angle of light hitting it.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?
I used to compete in the World Irish dancing championships. 

What is one thing you’ve been loving recently that you’d like to share? 
I’ve been loving crochet and textile art. It’s an interesting way to bring details and softness into a space. @_jujujust_ ‘s work is super satisfying.

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