Meet the Artist: Diane Fine

Meet the Artist

In this series, we get to know the Artists behind the work with ten questions about their practice, their space, and their ideas. These are their Stories.

Diane Fine

Drawn to creating uplifting images, Diane Fine creates work that is intriguing, exhilarating, and amusing.

Her artistic process involves the exploration of an array of subjects and mediums, allowing her to incorporate her fascination with colour, shapes, and textures. Through the organic use of materials, she allows compositions to emerge from her imagination.

What is the story of how you became an artist?  

I was born an artist. Was always visual. My most happy memories as a child were crayoning in colouring books- trying to keep in the lines. Now I try to break out of the confines of the lines.

Tell us about your process when creating an artwork. 

I don’t like to know where I am going with a piece. The material I’m working with suggests a treatment and then the imagination takes over and the technical knowhow kicks in after that. Art is about discovery. I am like my son in his science lab; doing experiments in my art studio, and like my grandchildren playing with their puzzles… finding a way to find a solution to a problem. For me art is about beauty- so it should be an uplifting, life enhancing solution.

Where do you find inspiration? 

I find inspiration from within. Give me any object and I instinctively reinvent it.

Have you ever experienced a time when it was hard to create? 

It has never been difficult for me to create. For me it is the air I breathe. It is where I go both for solace and to express my joy in life.

How has your work evolved throughout the years? 

Two Pots and a Moth, Diane Fine, Mixed media collage, 27″ x 25″

I have changed materials but have always been attracted to mixed media collage for its versatility. It also frees me up as I can copy whatever I see too well which stifles creativity. Practice and discipline can only improve one’s talent. In my case senescence is working in my favour.

If given the opportunity, what is your dream project?

Solar Panel, Diane Fine, Tapestry wool needlepoint, 17″ x 14″

I would like to do a huge abstract needlepoint wall hanging (which could take me 10 years). I’d also like to do another huge rya rug project based on one of my abstracts; that would keep me occupied for another decade.

Taking a break from art, how do you spend your free time?

I was a fitness professional and so I keep very active. I read voraciously and socialise.

What’s one item in your workspace you cannot live without?

I need huge desk surfaces. I have a desk in every room.

Do you collect art yourself? Who are some of your favourite artists?

There are so many artists I have discovered on Instagram, I wouldn’t know where to start- many of them were virtually unknown.

My biggest influence was the Quebec artist Norman Laliberte.

There is a lot of talent out there as more and more people explore their creative side. Many of these people are superior to the so-called top ten greats that I am sick of.

I would love to collect art, but have no room to hang work as both my son and I have priority for wall space.

What are you working on at the moment that you can share with us?  

At the moment I am working on a needlepoint hanging that is an abstraction of body parts on rectangular plastic canvas, which will be sewn together. At the moment I am deliberating how many panels and how big I want it to be. I am also working on collages of watercolour paintings I have done which I am now cutting up and reinventing.

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