Art ideas from interior designer Alexandra Gater

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“I just think this is the coolest thing.”

Alexandra Gater

“Today I’m going to be talking about a question I get a lot — and that’s “where do I find affordable art to decorate my space?” There’s actually some amazing affordable art out there, and a few hacks to making art yourself and I’m going to be sharing 5 of them with you today. And, I’m going to be showing you an amazing hack for hanging art on brick walls like the one behind me, without drilling any holes.”

Toronto designer Alexandra Gater is all about beautiful spaces on a budget. She believes your home can be beautiful even if you rent and don’t want to drop a ton of money.

Skip forward to 4:45 for her final (last, but not least!) hot tip for accessible artwork, featuring a painting by a Partial favourite, Kaitlin Johnson, and stick around for really useful hanging ideas as well.

Stop by her YouTube channel for this video and more creative and handy tips for making your house a home.