Corporate Gift Ideas: Fine Art To Talk About

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As you read this, it’s fair to say that you can think of at least a few corporate gifts that have been given to you by a client, a vendor, a colleague, and the list goes on. There’s a good reason for this. Research shows that physical gifts attract more customers and make them repeat customers more so than digital gifts. 

Corporate gifting is an effective and meaningful strategy for connecting with prospects, clients, customers, and more. In this blog, we will tell you all about corporate art gift ideas and give you tips to help you stand out and make sure YOUR gift is remembered, in the right way! 

What Makes A Unique Corporate Gift Idea?

There are a number of ways to set your company’s corporate gifts apart from those of your competition and ensure a positive impact. 

Make It Special

If you’re sending a corporate gift to your clients, make it special and personalized to them. By doing this, it shows that you care. Here’s an example, when sending a corporate gift to your client, don’t forget to write a personalized message. It’s a small gesture with big rewards. 

Make it Personal 

While this part takes some time, it’s the perfect way to make your clients feel valued. As we know, many companies were online during the COVID pandemic. As life returns to normal, they will likely be returning to the office. Why not send them pieces of art to put on their office wall?

Make It Actionable

Identifying a purpose for the gift can assist you in achieving a key aspect of corporate gift. Are you delivering a top-of-funnel gift to boost brand recognition, a middle-of-funnel gift to promote engagement, or a bottle-of-funnel present to improve the pipeline? Consider where your receiver is in the sales cycle when developing your gifting plan so that you can maximize your return on investment. What call to action will make the time and effort it took to send your gift deserving of its value?

An effective one-of-a-kind business present should be able to elicit an answer. As part of their call to action, try to get the recipient to engage with the gift in some way. Engaging, heartfelt experiences will be far more memorable than a branded coffee mug of promotional pen.

Why Is Corporate Gifting Important?

Employee benefits come in a huge range – think health insurance, life insurance, paid time off (PTO), profit sharing, and corporate giving. Establishing a connection between the present giver and the company or brand is the aim of corporate gifting. Corporate gifts are a great way to promote brand connection with employees, clients, and potential customers.

Improving The Image Of A Brand

Corporate giving is a great way to improve your brand’s or business’s reputation. Everyone likes surprises and gifts, so giving your staff gifts helps them feel valued. Your reputation will improve as a result of the positive word of mouth from your staff.

Showing Respect

Giving branded corporate gifts to customers, suppliers, and employees communicates the company’s thanks for them and their support.

Boosting Company Morale 

The office environment improves when gifts are offered for commercial purposes. Corporate gifts improve an organization’s mood. Both customers and employees will attest to the fact that the company values them and is committed to working with and rewarding them.

Promoting Your Business

Have you considered using corporate gifts to advertise your company? You can use gift-giving as a marketing opportunity to promote your company. Using items printed with your logo and business cards, such as pens, t-shirts, notebooks, hats, calendars, keychains, and more, is a good way to quietly promote your company, but pieces of art works better.

Best Corporate Gifts For Those Who Love Art

Adding art is a wonderful and proven way to make your work office more engaging and welcoming! Art in the workplace, whether it be a large abstract installation or a fine art painting, from portrait sculpture to oil on canvas, can create an impactful and welcome dialogue between the design of a building and the people inside it. In fact, art in the workplace can have a hugely positive impact on the overall working environment.

If your clients are art lovers, there are various corporate gift ideas that you can choose for them. Art-loving employees will especially be delighted with these gifts. 

Limited Edition Tote Bags

For just $30, you can show your support for Canadian art with limited edition Tote Bags that are useful everyday. 

Original Art

Waiting for Summer, Nicole Mandelis, oil on canvas, 5″ x 7″

Modern portraits are popular among art lovers. This painting is a perfect – and affordable – corporate gift.

Portraits, Deloris Chen, ink on watercolour paper, 10″ x 8″

Everyone likes portraits, especially fun portraits in bright yellow and black ink. This would be a special gift to bring joy to your customer.

Chameleon, Madeline Brimble, Laser cut acrylic, 18″ x 14″ x 13″

The gift of laser-cut acrylic sculpture sounds cool, doesn’t it? This one-of-a-kind gift will be unforgettable, giving your brand a completely different image.

Satellite Signal, Jordan Baraniecki, ink on yupo paper, 12″ x 12″

This hypnotic work made on paper adds colour to the walls of any office or home.

They Walk a Well Beaten Path, Kim Guillon Stewart, Limited Edition Giclee Print, 16″ x 20″

Support Indigenous arts and culture by choosing a high quality Giclee print of this beaded map. The original beaded map is a part of the Canadian Indigenous Art Centre collection.

Lepidoptera Stellae, Kate Civiero, Etched Copper, Handblown Glass, Acrylic,
10.5″ x 5″ x 2″

Different gifts for different styles. Made of handblown glass, etched copper, and acrylic, this piece is fit for any executive gift.

Queen St. West II, Shlomi Amiga, Photographic Print, 21″ x 14″

Photography prints make great corporate gifts. This view of a classic Toronto streetcar and dog will make anyone smile.

Autumn Sketch, Marta Stares, Oil on birch panel, 10″ x 10″

Natural landscape paintings make great gifts for any season. These gifts are for fans of The Group of Seven and perfect for the cottage.

Yellow Cloud, Montina Hussey, Acrylic on canvas, 8″ x 8″ x 1.5″

This small but punchy abstract piece was produced during a week-long parent-child-run artist residency on Toronto Island called Mothra.

Bonsai, Moesha Clarke, Aluminum wire, 8″ x 7″

Many people display souvenirs that will inspire them in the office through their workday. Your client will thank you for giving them the tree of life.


Think of your corporate gifts as an extension of your brand and an opportunity to once again show your appreciation to your client. After all, everyone enjoys receiving thoughtful and interesting things, especially during the holidays. Why not make it fun?