COOL OBJECTS' Rosa Wan chooses 7 of her favourite art works

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Today we’re pleased to welcome the founder of COOL OBJECTS, Rosa Wan, to share some of her favourite works.

Rosa Wan is a Toronto-based, Hong-Kong-raised sketch artist and visual stylist who enjoys bringing what’s around her to life through vibrant colours and textural lines. Her creative direction centres around spotlighting the beauty of everyday objects and people. Through her drawings, she reconstructs her surroundings using bright colours palettes to express new narratives through her own creative process. Rosa’s love for observational drawing and spotlighting people and things in her surroundings lead her into building her own creative community. 

Cool Objects is a Toronto art community that fosters meaningful interactions through creative exercises and local artistry. They curate events that specialize in using creative expressionism as a tool to uplift individuals, while committing to use their community wealth to contribute to social change.

Cool objects presents: Show, Tell, and Draw!
Livestreaming Sept. 15 at 5:30pm – 7:30pm EDT

Cool objects is a home for interactive creative exercises – bringing people together one sketch at a time! In this workshop, we’ll be exploring our relationship with everyday objects through a guided drawing session. You’re asked to bring an object (could be sentimental, or random) where we will take turns to show, tell… and draw!

// What you’ll need
— Drawing service, art medium of choice, and an object
— Your positive, creative energy!

// FAQ
— All levels and ages welcomed!
— You’re welcomed to use any medium of choice, including digital
— We value making art accessible, if you need any aid for the virtual event (closed captioning, etc) – please reach out and we will best accommodate you.

Rosa Wan’s Curated Art Picks

‘Breaktast in Quarantine’ by Mason Barnes-Crouse
Oil on canvas, 24″ x 18″
$600 to own
“Everything about the impressionism period makes it my favourite style: the colours, the expressive strokes, and the means to capture the present.”
L‘apres midi’ by Jill Huang
mixed media on rives paper, 22″ x 28″
$25/month OR $125 to own

‘The One With The Cracks’ by Linds Miyo
Mixed Media: Acrylic & Chalkboard Paint on Canvas, 36″ x 48″
$77/month OR $1250 to own

“Seeing how others translate what’s already existing into something of their own through all those elements prompts me to view things differently which broadens my perspectives on life and art. It helps me celebrate my vulnerability when I express my own narrative.”

‘Portrait of Liam’ by Sarah van Dusen
mixed media on canvas, 16″ x 20″
$600 to own

‘Dahlia’ by Ahlena Sultana-McGarry
Digital Mixed Media, 24″ x 30″
$650 to own

phrodite’ by Jason Balducci
mixed media on canvas, 15″ x 19″
$1100 to own

‘White Wine’ by Jason Zante
Digital illustration on Giclee print, 14″ x 17″
$191.40 to own