Art that captures the energy of transformation

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“April showers bring May flowers” so on and so forth; but by now, the theme of transformation, evolution, growth, and hopefully in the end, rejuvenation, has become part of our everyday life.

This month’s picks from our dedicated Artist facilitator and co-curator, Cat, captures all of this energy of Spring beautifully with featured work from artists such as Melanie Lixiyue Yan and Matthew Catalano. We hope you enjoy discovering this mini-collection of new works and artists as much as I did.

– Tammy Yiu Coyne, Co-Founder

April Fresh Finds: Cat’s Pick
No Title‘ by Melanie Lixiyue Yan
16″ x 20″, mixed media on masonite board
BUY IT: $780 TRY IT: $78/month
Aesthete of The Forest‘ by Gabbi Culham Putnoki
30″ x 40″,oil on canvas
BUY IT: $1900
Remembering‘ by Amiee Ruoff
24″ x 18″, oil painting on panel
BUY IT: $462
Ocean Map‘ by Zana Collab
17.5″ x 23.5″, acrylic on canvas
BUY IT: $350
Placebo Effect‘ by Matthew Catalano
30″ x 40″, digital image on paper
BUT IT: $600
Render 4‘ by Ethan Platt
36″ x 48″, oil painting on canvas
BUY IT: $4000

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