3 Simple Tips for Choosing Art as Gifts

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Few gifts are more memorable than original art, especially in a world rampant with overconsumption. This holiday season, and all year round, we’re promoting circular practices by encouraging folks to support local artists and makers.

Here a few tips to get you started on finding the perfect art gift: 

1. Consider their decor

How is their home or office decorated? Do they prefer a more minimal, sleek aesthetic or veer towards bold, maximalist finds? Use their personal style and preferred colour palette as clues to finding the perfect piece. 

2. Use their interests, hobbies, and passions to help guide you

If they love spending time in nature, consider choosing a work that speaks to that. They have a favourite city? Lean into that. Art is a way to transport you to other worlds, so what world will that be? Browse our curated collections to find pieces based on their niche interests. 

3. Small works can have a big impact

Gifting smaller works allows the person you’re gifting more flexibility about where to display their art. Consider gifting smaller, ready-to-display works that can easily find a spot to happily shine! Check out our Art for Small Spaces collection for available works.

Want to gift art without the pressure of choosing? Gift a tote bag or gift card for something easy and unique.