10 Tips for building your own diverse art collection.

Tips & Tricks
Photo by Kam Idris on Unsplash

Building a diverse art collection is not only a way to support underrepresented artists but also a means of enriching your collection with a variety of perspectives and artistic voices.

Here are some tips for incorporating diversity into your art collection:

  1. Explore Worlds Beyond Your Own Experience: Looking beyond your own cultural background and exploring art from diverse regions and communities is educational and exciting. This can include artists from various countries, ethnicities, and indigenous backgrounds. Discover the unique narratives, aesthetics, and artistic traditions that these artists bring to the table, and ones that are relevant to your own history’s narrative and reconciliation.

2. Support Local Artists and Communities: Engage with your local art scene and support artists from your own community. Seek out galleries, artist collectives, and community art centers that promote inclusivity and showcase artists from diverse backgrounds.

3. Choose Art Platforms that Align with Your Values: Many art organizations and initiatives are dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the art world. Research and support organizations that align to your values, as they often provide platforms and resources for underrepresented artists to thrive. Partial has been donating a percentage of all art sales and rentals to organizations doing social good in the Canadian landscape since their inception, having previously supported organizations like SKETCH Working Arts and the Indigenous Curatorial Collective (ICCA). Today, they are proud to be supporting the David Suzuki Foundation. Canada is home to a diverse range of Indigenous peoples, including First Nations, Inuit, and Métis. Recognizing and promoting Indigenous rights, self-determination, and cultural revitalization are important aspects of diversity in Canada, and are embedded in the mandates of some art organizations like Partial.

4. Collaborate with Art Advisors and Curators: Work with art advisors or curators who have expertise in diverse art. They can help you navigate the art market, introduce you to artists from different backgrounds, and offer valuable insights into the artistic practices of underrepresented communities.

5. There’s a Whole World Online: Online platforms and marketplaces have made it easier to discover and acquire artwork from diverse artists. Websites like Partial feature curated collections that highlight artists from marginalized communities, with some collections focusing on Black and Indigenous artists.

6. Seek Out Art with Social Commentary: Many artists use their work to address social issues and challenge societal norms. Look for artwork that explores topics such as race, gender, identity, and social justice. These pieces can add depth and thought-provoking conversations to your collection.

Forgotten Respect, Parastoo Mahmoudi, Oil and Acrylic paste on canvas, 18″ x 27″ x 1″

7. Attend IRL Art Events: Visit exhibitions, art fairs, and events that specifically focus on promoting diverse artists. These platforms often showcase works by artists from underrepresented groups and provide an opportunity to discover emerging talents.

8. Connect with Artists and Communities: Engage directly with artists and communities through artist talks, workshops, and events. Building relationships can give you a deeper understanding of an artist’s work and their experiences, fostering a more meaningful connection to the art you collect.

Artist panel moderated by Partial co-founder, Tammy Yiu Coyne. Featuring artists (L-R): Helio Eudoro, Brian Jiang, Emerald Repard-Denniston, and Emily King Simpson.

9. Consider Art from Different Time Periods: Diverse art includes not only contemporary works but also historical pieces. Explore art from different time periods, including overlooked artists from the past who were not given proper recognition in their time.

10. Be Mindful of Representation: Pay attention to the representation of artists in your collection. Strive for a balanced representation of artists from various backgrounds, ensuring that your collection reflects a wide range of voices and perspectives.

Silent Night, June Tenzin, hand prepared mineral painting, 15″ x 22″

Remember, diversity goes beyond just the artist’s background—it encompasses different artistic styles, mediums, and ideas. Embrace the opportunity to broaden your horizons, challenge your own biases, and celebrate the richness of artistic expression from diverse communities.

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